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Water Treatment & Filtration Services in Syracuse & Central New York

Ensure your drinking water is pure when you trust the water treatment specialists from Ferris Pumps serving Syracuse & Central New York.

Eliminating Impurities

The water filtration process purifies your water removing bacteria and other impurities. We use various products to remove sulfur, iron, hardness, and bacteria from your water.
Some of Our Water Treatment Specialties:
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Conditioning
  • Sulfur & Iron Removal
  • Water Analysis
  • Ultraviolet Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Testing
  • Chlorination Systems
  • Carbon Filters

We Have Water Filter Housings as well as a full line of cartridge filters in stock.


Affordable Equipment

In addition to offering water treatment and filtration services, Ferris pumps has availability to a wide selection of equipment and supplies so you can handle the treatment at your own leisure. Come to us for the affordable water treatment equipment and supplies you need.
Shower Head - Water Treatment Services in Central NY
Ensure your water is free of bacteria and minerals. Call us today to request our water filtration services.